The menu of the Trattoria da Luigi is made with care using fresh and genuine products, homemade pasta and excellent meat cooked on the grill

Our fresh and genuine seasonal products


Our meat is only of Italian origin, such as the excellent Chianina, a beef from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines that is certified Italian and cooked on the embers of wood in mixed grills.
Also try the kid and the local cockerel, cooked on the grill. Lamb chops, brains and sweetbreads fried strictly in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. The wild boar stew with herbs, olives and fresh porcini mushrooms is also tasty and delicious.


The exquisite first courses are made with homemade pasta and gnocchi. Tagliatelle and pappardelle rigorously rolled out with a rolling pin, all seasoned with savory sauces that tickle the palate.
The bread, as well as the pasta, is homemade.


The menu of the Trattoria da Luigi changes according to seasonal products. It is made with care using fresh and genuine products: in fact the vegetables used come mainly from our garden and with the fruit we make excellent jams that we use in our desserts.


Our cellar offers a wide choice of local, Tuscan and national wines rigorously selected with our menu.


We only use local extra virgin olive oil from the Il Lentisco farm of Porto Azzurro, of superior category, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.


Our liqueurs are homemade and are an assortment of distilled grape marc grappas flavored with herbs:
• Thyme and Honey
• Thyme, Honey, Marjoram and Fennel
• Myrtle
• Myrtle and Marjoram

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Location of the Restaurant Da Luigi and map

In the midst of nature in the Lavacchio hills, between Marciana Marina and the locality of Poggio on the island of Elba.

The Trattoria da Luigi is located among fruit trees, chestnuts and maritime pines.

Pinella, wife of Luigi, is the only cook and her experience and passion has allowed the restaurant to always offer over the years a typically Tuscan and unique cuisine, rich in variety and choice: from different tasty appetizers, to exquisite first courses, pasta and gnocchi are homemade.